Student Testimonial

The Writing Center is not just here to help you with your assignments. We are happy to help students succeed in all aspects of their academic careers. Here’s what one student had to say about one of our writing specialists:

“Words just can’t express my gratitude to Mr. Ben Calhoun for all the time and effort he put into helping me put my scholarship application together. What I appreciate the most is that Ben did not only make sure my application materials were error-free, but as an American he also gave me precious advice on how to make my application as attractive as possible to the U.S. scholarship committee. It is thanks to Ben that I can now call myself a 2013 Delta Mu Delta Scholar and a recipient of $1,000 award!”
–Sona Klucarova


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One response to “Student Testimonial

  1. Dorothy Kopel

    This case categorically puts to rest any false beliefs that the Writing Center is there for weak students. It is there for everyone! All of us can improve our writing with feedback no matter how accomplished we already are. It takes maturity to recognize this, as Sona – an exceptionally bright student – does. For this reason, I am always pleased when I hear of students OF ANY LEVEL who are determined to sharpen their skills and who visit the writing center for feedback. Bravo!

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